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My Story of Transformation

My Story of Transformation

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My Vision & Legacy 

Break the Chain of Divorce;

Creating transformational lives and then marriages who then lead their community and children into a world of authenticity, generosity, responsibility, commitment

and love.


Teaching, serving and supporting those who are holding themselves back from the life they really want and from their greatest potential. I am here to guide you to how to unleash your authentic, luminous self. Living your to your greatest potential


I am called a Coach,  Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Priestess, Queen, and Wise Woman.

I have experienced many lifetimes in this life and I feel like I am now just getting started on my purpose!  

I am grateful for my life God has given me, for it has taught me thousands of lessons to help you and others who are experiencing trauma, grief, loss of self, the unknown and fear of not being enough and not mattering. 

I have gone through the fire,

burnt away all that does not serve me. 

I stand before you naked in my truth and knowing who I AM.

I AM a loving, generous, authentic leader. 

My purpose in life is to serve you and hold you high with unconditional love.

My super power is my intuition and sight.

I don't need to say anything, only hear you and sense you.

I am able to connect with your soul and guide you to your soul's callings.

I can't wait to meet you!

Brittany Diane Fentress


I am a graduate of Mercede Kirkel's Ascension Training. A year long advanced training to learn how to activate my light-body, access other dimensions, and become a 4-D manifestor. 

Trained in Compassionate Communication through Mercedes Kirkel.

I am a Certified Crystal Healer and practitioner of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, accredited by the National Bodywork Association. 

Graduate of Heartcore Leadership 13. 

I am a registered metaphysician by the World Metaphysical Association.

I am a certified Aerial Yoga Play, Rx and Prenatal Instructor. 

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