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Be on our Show!!

Marriage Quickie

with Brittany & Simon

Want to join us in some fun banter, laughs, and connection with our community?


Do you have a product, service, expertise you would like to share with us that would benefit couples, transformation and ascension junkies, and those looking to live authentic lives inside their relationships?


Please fill out this application to be on our show so we can see if you are a great match for our community. You will get a follow up email notifying you if we will be moving forward and then sending you a calendar link for your air date.


The application gets all the details we need for promoting you and assuring our interviews are in alignment with us and our tribe. It may take you 5-10 minutes to complete, but it ensures a stream lined and easy process for you and us. Less emails are always great!

Requirements Before Air Date:

All speakers/interviewees are required to send out a SOLO email to promote your air date. (We will provide this for you before the interview begins.)


All speakers/interviewees are required to sign a Speakers Agreement. (We will be turning our show into a Podcast in the future and will be putting interviews on this platform. )

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